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Thank you Desert Bloom. I feel the same way that you do because to me the risks associated with taking it were something I thought long and hard about. I don't want to blunt the effects of it given that I've chosen to take the risks.

Also, I've had high calcium blood readings while on it because I was getting too much calcium and Vitamin D in my combined supplements/diet (I went on a milk drinking binge for a while and didn't take fewer supplements). I found information about a doctor associated with the Cleveland Clinic who was recommending less calcium and Vitamin D for certain patients who ended up with elevated calcium blood levels (hypercalcemia). This is one of the side effects in the literature put out by Lilly. This makes me more aware of the interactions of various minerals and parathyroid hormone in the form of Forteo. Since calcium and strontium seem to sometimes have similar characteristics in bone, it made me think.

When I find out more, I'll let you know. There are so many things to ask the doctors, and so little time to ask them in. . .

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