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Re: Forteo question
Nov 18, 2006
Thanks Taape for the reply: Now that you mentioned it, I noticed the jamming situation several times when I was trying to empty the pen completely after I finished with it and wasn't sure if I should leave the remainder of the med in the pen before I dispose of it at our local fire station. The hospitals won't take the finished pens and needles so in my town the fire station will dispose of them. I think I would worry about taking two doses in one day, because I already have a elevated calcium level and can't risk it going any higher. Of course the doctor knows that Forteo elevates your calcium, but she's keeping me on Forteo anyway and checking my serum ionized calcium once a month, plus I have to watch for symptoms of hypercalcemia. When ever I have a calcium test I have to wait 24 hrs after the last injection for the test, and then wait to do the next "after" the blood test.

Also the air bubbles problem makes sense as well because when it gets that low in the pen the bubbles seem to appear, and I really can't tell how much is injected each time, because 20 mcgs. is real hard to see on the lines and numbering on the pen, so I can only assume that each injection is giving the amount it should. I have also always wondered if each injection is giving you precisely 20 mcgs, because again I can't tell by looking at the pen markings.

Hope all is well with you and your doctor appt!!!

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