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The first human death from osteosarcoma has been reported in a patient who was taking Forteo. Eli Lily is not reporting the particulars in this tragedy, except to say that this patient had severe osteoporosis, was post menopausal and was taking forteo for almost 2 years when she died from osteosarcoma. This women also had other comorbid medical conditions, so it is not known if they were the cause of the cancer or if it was the Forteo. Further information will be released when the investigation is completed.
I hope this doesn't worry anyone, because this was difinitely NOT my intention. I fell that all knowledge is helpful, and anyone taking this med had to know that this could happen at some time even though the risks were extremely low.

I hope it doesn't change anyones mind on taking this, because it has had "absolutely" no effect on me continuing it I certainly will, because I think the outcome of contracting this is very slim and I'm not a high risk patient with cancers etc.
A follow up to the above thread is that this story will probably be carried by the major networks once all the facts have been accumulated.
It is not as cut and dried statements surrounding the death as I would like to know, but at least it is an alert to what has or can happen.
Hi: Just curious, but are you referring to the women who unfortunately passed in July of 2006, or something related to the clinical trials?

This is not good news--I did find one article about the death in July 2006. Does anybody think there was another one also? I hope not. I would assume that as soon as it was discovered the patient stopped the forteo. What does comorbid mean? I guess the article was implying that there were other possible causes for the cancer.
Taape: A comorbid disease is any disease that exists while in the presence of other diseases. No there were no Human deaths during the clinical trials, just what we already know about the rat testing. Sorry if that wasn't made clear. In the general public, osteosarcoma occurs at 4 in 1 million patients. Because there were other comorbid diseases with this patient, they don't know yet if her death "can be" attributed to osteosarcoma or the other comorbid diseases.

There is no way to know if the patient stopped the forteo until the investigation is completed.
You can weigh your options when the time comes.
Desert Bloom,
I have my next dr. check in two weeks, and I plan to talk to him about that and also what my choices are for when I am finished with the Forteo. Have you finished your 2 years yet, and what will you do next? I am starting my 18th month in December. Thanks for your post, I have to admit that it does scare me a little, but also agree with you about the fact that we need to find out as much information as we all can and make our decisions from there. Information is always powerful and I would rather know than be in the dark.
Take care,
Hi Trail: I don't suspect that Lily will say anything until the cause of death is determined, the osteosarcoma could be a result of one of the patients other diseases and not Forteo, that's something we don't know yet. Hopefully your Dr. has heard about it and you can discuss it with him/her.

I'm only on my 7th month, and can't have another dexa until next year, so for now I have to rely on my 2 hour urine test (nTX) which shows bone growth, so for me the "benefit outweighs the risk". If I were to stop the forteo I would imagine my t-score would drop so I have to find out what my dr wants me to take after I finish the forteo. Good Luck on your search.
To be compeletly honest...I stopped taking forteo because I could not shake my anxiety about taking the forteo and its association with osteosarcoma. Now this news makes me even more nervous about getting back on forteo. :confused:
Hi: AliciaMae: Just remember that we "won't know" if it was the Forteo that caused the osteosarcoma, or one of the "other disease's" this patient had. So I wouldn't jump to any conclusion until we know more about it. This could go either way as far as what caused it, so it might be a good idea to wait for "all" the info on her unfortunate death. I wouldn't immediately point to forteo, since it could easily have been caused by someting else.

Good Luck!!!!! And don't worry too much until "all" the info is released.
DesertBloom is right, we don't have all the information but I sure hope that it is eventually released and that the Forteo was not the cause because it has helped so many people already. I would just say again not to double up on the doses as being exposed to one injection per day is enough of a risk.
[QUOTE=AliciaMae]To be compeletly honest...I stopped taking forteo because I could not shake my anxiety about taking the forteo and its association with osteosarcoma....[/QUOTE]
Well, by that same logic, you should never go to a hospital for any reason, since nearly 10,000 people a year die from hospital-acquired infections. ;)
Hi All: Additional info has been released on this case, however the patients cause of death is still unknown. Scroll to Forteo.

Thanks for the link. This is pretty scary, since before this, no human on Forteo had developed an osteosarcoma. I guess I'm going to hang in and finish the course of treatment. I'm done with my two years on March 1st. I'm having my first bone density test since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis two years ago next week. I'll post the results when I get them.
Hi Spinewhine: I wouldn't worry too much about this, since we all knew that something like this could possibly happen, but what is real important to remember, is that there still is [U]no link[/U] between the forteo and the cancer. This patient had an extremely complex medical history with several other severe diseases. She was in her 70's and somewhere in her second year of forteo use. She did die from cancer, but there is no way to prove it was from forteo at this point. She was diagnosed with metastatic cancer during her second year of treatment, and there is no way of knowing if she already had the cancer when she started forteo and just didn't know it. So keep this in mind. Biopsies were sent to Lily and a independent lab which comfirmed that she did have an area or tissue with osteosarcoma, but they aren't sure where the cancer occured except there was a "possibility" that it could have been in her lungs.

There are over 300,000 people worldwide taking forteo, and 1 death, as horrible as that is, still makes this a really small percentage of risk. Eli Lily has no plans to change there stance on the risk v benefits on the drug, based on one death, but will continue to run there safety program that tracks their patients. Osteosarcoma occurs in the general population (non forteo use) at the rate of 1 in 250,000 a year, so attributing it to forteo automatically without evidence would be inaccurate.

It won't affect my continuing to take forteo because osteo scares me more than cancer with my current t-score; if I was at high risk for cancer then I might think differently about it, but for the moment I don't. I tried other meds and they didn't work so this is it for me, and hopefully my score will continue to increase.

Do let us know how you do on your dexa since I believe it's important info for all of us on it and most importantly YOU. Good Luck:angel:

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