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Hi Boneybird
I am 55 yrs old and was diagnosed at 53 with severe osteoporosis. It's good that you are seeing a specialist to find out all the information necessary to address your specific problem. I was doing all the right things, food, exercise, calcium,etc. and my dr. found out that I was spilling all my calcium in my urine. He put me on a diuretic to fix that and then he told me that forteo was my best chance at getting back my bone density. (-4.2 spine and -3.1 hip) I have been on it for 18 months and have had no side effects. After about 3 months my back pain almost totally went away and I have been able to continue with my lifting weights and even jogging. I feel so much stronger and at the end of one year on forteo my spine had improved 10%. All my other tests are showing that my bone turnover,vitamin D, and other markers are good. He does complete bloodwork and urine tests every 6 months. I have another dexa at 2 years in June and then I have to decide where to go from there with treatment. Good luck with everything, it sounds like you are on the right road. Let us know how your journey progresses.

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