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No my plan doesn't have a limit. Are you talking about the coverage gap that the Medicare Part D plans have, where there's no coverage between $2400.00 and 3850.00 out of pocket expense? There usually aren't any limits on these plans unless she has one I'm not familiar with. Yes, you take forteo for 2 years. You pay a copay for it until you reach the coverage gap, then you pay 100% during the gap and when you get to 3850.00 out of pocket spent the ins pays 95%. However, I never reached the coverage gap in 2006 so I paid the copay price for the entire year. These plans are pretty confusing, but if you read as much as you can and compare them to one another you'll figure it out. There are suppose to be some plans that cover generics and brand name drugs during the gap.

As far as the lab animals go, they were given 3-60 times the amount that humans get over their entire life time, plus rats bones continue to grow throughout their lives and humans don't. All of these things make the rats very susceptible to osteosarcoma, plus rats are predisposed to that type of cancer anyway. I'm not worried about it, and I'm not in a high risk category for it anyway. I have a low t-score, took actonel which didn't work, so forteo is my only shot.

If you want to read more about forteo here's a link on the study.

By the way there has been one patient that died from osteosarcoma
"while taking forteo" but they don't know if there is a connection between the cancer and the drug because the women had many other medical problems that may have contributed to her death (see other posts on this).


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