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Thanks again for posting your dexa results as well as information about the machine used and calculation of bmd increase. As I previously posted I am on my third month of Forteo and my initial t-scores are nearly identical to your initial t-scores. I am having some trouble with forteo, feeling dizzy after the shot and have little appetite for awhile afterwards. It's hard as the time for the injection approaches but your improvement is highly motivating for me. Hope is contagious.

I am trying to utilize all the "good things" I have learned to maximize the effect of the forteo treatment. Spinewhine , your results are so phenomenal that it would be helpful if you could be more specific about your particular protocols, that is, along with the forteo treatment what did you do that might account for your top of the chart results. Thank you.[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry about the dizziness. I have to say, I'd have been happy for a loss of appetite. I've gained some weight these past two years and I'm not sure if that also plays into the bone density gains. I kind of stopped watching myself as carefully but I also wanted a little belly fat to inject into, so I didn't want to be too thin. Having that little extra fat made the injection less scary to me.

As I said, I tried to get to the gym a few times a week to do some treadmill walking and some upper body resistance exercises. I have bad knees and sometimes some lower back pain, so jogging is out. I walk as briskly as I can without causing myself pain. I also noted that I've been on a low dose of topical estrogen, which may also have helped with my bones. My gynecologist said that it would. I had hired a personal trainer for 10 sessions when I first got diagnosed, but then just did my own thing at the gym. My insurance will pay for physical therapy but not for a trainer at the gym, so that was too expensive to continue.

That's about all I can think of. I take calcium supplements (which I sometimes forget). -- My gynecologist said the body can only absorb about 300 mg. of calcium at a time so I should cut in two the big Caltrate chewables that I was taking. Of course, trying to remember to pop a half pill four times a day didn't always work so well. I don't drink much milk, but try to eat yogurt. I also eat some nuts. I think almonds are a source of calcium. A few months ago, my endocrinologist saw that I was Vitamin D deficient, so I'm on a supplement for that every other week.

Just do the best you can, is all I can say. Best of luck to you with the Forteo. I'm staying on it until March, and then I'll see the doctor and we'll see where we go from here.

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