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Suzieuk45 --

I'm glad to hear you had no bad side effects with Fosamax. I know people taking it with no problems, but some people who post here did not do well with it. I'm hoping I can tolerate it and that it will keep me from losing what I gained after I go off Forteo.

If you decide to go on Forteo, don't be overly concerned about the daily injection. Many of us here, myself at the top of the list, were extremely phobic and frightened of the shots and we were surprised how easy it was to do them and how little pain was involved. The Lilly drug company provides a travel bag and instructions if you need to travel with the drug. Most hotels here will provide a small refrigerator in the room if you tell them you take a medication that has to be refrigerated, or they'll store it for you in a hotel refrigerator. I rarely travel, so it wasn't a problem.

Good luck with whatever course of treatment you go with.

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