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I have been lurking for months but when I read your post I had to respond. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in the fall of 2001 and immediately put on Fosamax. I wasn't happy about it but the doctor and the media had me so scared I felt this was my only option. I also started walking and taking large amounts of calcium. When I had my next dexa 18 months later my scores were slightly up but I was getting kidney infections. This is when I found out I had a kidney stone. Went to an Endocrinologist who put me on dietary calcium. Had to go to a urologist to have the stone blasted out because it was large and in an area of the kidney where it wasn't moving.

The next year I went back to the endo for my dexa and my scores were lower.All she did was say see you next year. I insisted on seeing her again after more blood work and she put me on 50000 units of Vitamin D once a week along with the Fosamax. The next year my scores were even lower. She suggested Forteo. Obviously, the Fosamax is not working but she still wanted me to take it along with the Forteo.

That's when I found this website and got a copy of the book, Myth of Osteoporosis.It changed everything. I have never broken a bone nor do I have any other medical conditions that might have contributed to the osteoporosis. I am active and healthy. All the risk tests I take show me be to be a low risk for fx. My mother broke her hip at 85(she was running in heels) and walks without any aids at 91.

I put all of it together and decided I didn't want to take anything else just so I wouldn't break a hip at 85. So I took myself off the Fosamax. The terrible stiff neck and shoulder pain I had been experiencing for 2 years went away after about 8 weeks. I started at Curves and go 5 days a week with walking and jump rope in between. I take Calcium with mag. and D plus the 50000 units of D once a week.

Obviously, I have done what is best for me. Each one of us has to take our lives into our own hands and do what is best for us. There are circumstances where you have no choice but to take meds and injections.

I also should say I worked in the medical field and was skeptical about HRT when it was offered to me. So I never took it. I feel really good about the decisions I have made and will let you all know how my scores come out next spring. But I also believe there are other factors to bone strength beside bone mineral density. My mother's last bone density scores were 5.1 back, 3.5, hip. She has gone off Fosamax after about 7-8 years.

Sorry this was so long but had to get it all out.

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