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Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis, high blood calcium level(even ionized calcium but not permanent), normal or high-normal PTH(parathyroid hormone) and also calciuria sometimes? Did you find the solution and you're healthy again? Tell us your story please.
Take a look bellow. This is a studie that was done in Sweden on two-hundred and eleven patients:

Preoperative normal level of PTH(parathyroid hormone) signifies an early and mild form of primary hyperparathyroidism

"Contemporary patients are often diagnosed with mild or intermittent hypercalcemia. In addition, most studies demonstrate patients with parathyroid (PTH) levels in the upper normal range. The aim of the present investigation was to define subgroups of patients with mild primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT), which could be of importance in the decision for or against surgical treatment. Two-hundred and eleven patients, operated for pHPT were investigated with biochemical variables known to reflect PTH activity, renal function, and bone mineral content. The preoperative diagnosis of pHPT was based on the presence of hypercalcemia combined with an inappropriate serum concentration of PTH. The mean age of the patients was 64 +/- 14 years and the mean serum level of calcium was 2.78 +/- 0.19 mmol/L. One hundred and sixty-two patients (77%) had raised levels of calcium and PTH the day before surgery (overt pHPT), 25 patients (12%) had a normal level of calcium and a raised PTH level (normal calcium group), and 20 patients (9%) had a raised level of calcium and a normal level of PTH (normal PTH group). In four patients the level of calcium and PTH was normal. Between-group analysis demonstrated no major difference in symptom and signs of pHPT. Except for lower adenoma weight, patients in the normal calcium group did not essentially differ from the patients in the overt pHPT group. However, patients in the normal PTH group were a decade younger, and had better renal function, lower bone turnover, and a preserved bone density compared with patients in the overt pHPT group. In conclusion, the data from the present investigation show that pHPT patients with a preoperative normal PTH level have an early and mild form of the disease. Furthermore, the serum calcium concentration does not reflect disease severity in pHPT."

This is the studie. Does your doctor know about these potential situations?
I also want to ask "PT6" and "Joyce1957" what were your urine results and blood also. Please mention the 1.25 hidroxy result if have it. Was calciuria present? If yes, how often - more then 3...4 times/month?
I want to mention, for people that aren't familiar with calciuria, that this is a masive calcium excretion in the urine which makes the urine look cloudy. My ex-nephrologist said that I don t have to check my calcium in the urine even when I explained that the urine doesn t look normal. Finally I got the test and the result was as I anticipated not as he did. If you have this, it's very important to collect the urine until you' ll get that day when eliminates minerals. In my situation, the vit D(25 and 1.25) is high. So it isn' t vit D deficiency.

Thanks again PT6 and Joyce1957 for sharing your stories and how are you now?
Thank you all

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