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[QUOTE=rft3434;2734402]hi, i have osteoporosis, but i have been to five doctors who refuse to give me anything for it. any suggestions on what to do? ive been taking calcium, magnesium, multi vitamins, and vitamin d. what else should i do?[/QUOTE]

Dear rft,

Hi- I am new to this group: my name is tina, and I am 22. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine (-2.6) and hip (-2.5) in January. My doctor is also hesitant to put me on anything, and sending me to a specialist in my state in July. (I hate to wait so long.) :( My bone damage is believed to be the result of prolonged amenhhorea- I have battled an anorexia for years. (NO LONGER!)- I have gone from 89 to 122 pounds under the guidance of a nutritionist and excellent physician: I can not emphasize enough the value of working with a nutritionist- it can really verify that, diet-wise, you are doing things "properly."

It sounds as though you, like, me are doing all that you can in the terms of supplements- perhaps adding an exercise routine to your routine? (I see that others seem to have mentioned this, too.) How are you now?

Group: Any suggestions for me and rft?- What can girls our age do to save ourselves!

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