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Yes, I had a Dexa a little over a year after using Ezorb, according to their recommendations. My Dexa definitely improved! I am now on just a maintenance dose.

I think I developed osteo type symptomology because I have another illness that precluded me from exercising regularly like I used to do. Actually, I cannot exercise at all except for walking, but I am used to hard exercise.

Have you read [I]The Myth of Osteoporosis[/I] by Gillian Sanson? If not, I highly recommend. I think my bones are in better shape than tests or MD's would suggest. This book exposes many of the common-held beliefs and myths that currently abound about Osteo.

One word of advice, and I realize not everyone wants it. The drug companies business is to sell drugs. Scare tactics are a means of getting people to buy their products and doctors tend to buy into all this as well.

Years ago, when all this huzzariah developed about my bones, I agreed to try Fosamax. I became so extemely ill I thought I was dying. Thankfully, I only took it for a short period (until a wise specialist linked my symptoms to the drug). The biophosphates, in my opinion, are lethal and often cause horrendous side-effects. If you take them long enough some of the effects can be irrreversible.



Yes, I had a Dexa a little over a year after using Ezorb, according to their recommendations. My Dexa definitely improved! I am now on just a maintenance dose. [/QUOTE]Do you remember what your readings were before and after the Ezorb? I'm curious because I'm considering various options once I'm off Forteo.

I agree with you about the bisphosphonates. I tried Fosamax and it caused bad problems for me, too. Digestive upsets and felt horrible overall, like I was being poisoned every week after I took it. I also agree about the drug companies doing lots of bad things and lying. I just can't believe that they say that fosamax only has side effects in a minority of people. Everyone seems to have problems with it. But, they have produced some good drugs, and I'm hoping Forteo is one of them since I'm on it. Wish I felt more trust in the information they give us, though.

Not sure I agree with the premise about the myth of osteporosis for everyone, though. I think I owned this book at one time. My dad broke his ankle stepping off a curb, normally, he didn't fall or anything, when he was younger than I am now. I'm 61. I watched his brother and on my mom's side my grandmother and great aunt lose about 1/2 their height and be bedridden for decades due to osteoporosis. My father's brother, my uncle, was a tall strapping man who did very physical things for a living, but he started going downhill in his 6o's. It's a horrible disease, and there are various causes, so it might be accurate to call it a myth in some cases, but not others.

The tests are imperfect and there are scare tactics, to be sure. However, the scariest thing to me has been to see family members suffer with it. I think there are so many different metabolic problems people can have, so it's a tricky illness.

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