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PikaB and Piano: I think both of you are correct with this analogy, because I believe that people who are depressed usually don't get as much physical activity as non depressed individuals, and when you don't get sufficient exercise, then you would experience dizziness, which could result in a fall. In this study though they mentioned that they took dizziness, and physical frailty into consideration, and thought that there was some other link to fractures, but then they don't say what that is.

I have heard that depression itself is a contributing factor to low bmd/fractures through the excretion of excess stress hormones, as well as endogenous steriods which occur when someone is depressed.

Whenever I go to see my Osteo dr. one of the first questions they ask when updating the file, is "are you experiencing depression?" After being asked this many times I finally ask why they ask, since it seems unsual to me because none of my other drs ever ask this question, and the nurse said that depression is a major risk factor for bone loss. She continued by telling me that those who respond to the question with a no, invariably have higher bmd and those who say yes are asked if treatment has been considered.

Since drs treat depression with SSRI's maybe it's not the drug, but the disease of depression that is the link to low bmd and fracture, along with the lack of exercise, and physical frailty (dizziness, weakness, low muscle strength etc).

Hopefully this will be figured out with more studies, because for now it seems like blaming SSRI's is not backed up by enough convincing research.

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