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Good news...I think
Jan 26, 2007
First of all I want to thank everyone for posting...It is so helpful.

Background info - my mom has severe osteoporosis and I was diagnosed by an MD 5 years ago with osteopenia...he put me on actonel which I took just a few... it caused extreme foot pain and lower extremity joint pain..I stopped taking it. Subsequently the doc I went to was disbarred from the medical profession for drug use.

Mom was told that it was imperative for her to go on Forteo by her Internist...she did not...she had recovered from breast cancer, has copd, and has had a we read 'The Myth of Osteoporosis' and I have researched everything I can find and she opted to go on D3, magnesium strontium citrate, calcium.

Christmas of 2005 she broke a rib from sitting on a counter at our Grandaughters Christmas party...this in turn shut down her intestines for a while...
Since then she started therapy with the aforementioned nutrients. Ok, the good news comes from a recent fall she took...she fell in the bathroom ... a very hard fall and landed on a wooden bookrack...well girls nothing broke... a miracle...just may just be freak luck but ...just the year before she broke bones just sitting we believe it is the D3, magnesium, strontium citrate and calcium that has made the difference...I am so encouraged.
Also I want to let everyone know that she had taken micalcin before the break from sitting down...the micalcin caused kidney stones but did not increase her bone density. After the break from sitting on the counter we went to a spine doctor and found out mom has numerous old breaks in her spine...the spine doctor was totally undereducated on the topic of Osteoporosis and told her to take tums...he did not recommend any procedures. I'm sorry my writing is kind of scattered thoughts, I am back in school with a lot of studying on top of everything else. I will keep in touch with any news good or bad and any test results we get.

Thanks again on the info on the wheat gluten intolerance, I'm so tired I can't think what its called and I just read

Better go for now ...
Best wishes in whatever healing route everyone chooses and positive energy to all!

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