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Re: Fracture?
Jan 31, 2007
Hi Osteoblast: I'm seeing a neuro surgeon because he is the one that would diagnose a fracture if I had one. My osteo dr is not a surgeon (mineral metabolism), nor can she treat a fracture so I'm returning to the surgeon who did my last back surgery, on her recommendation. Both drs are at the same University Med Center, so they coordinate my care back and forth between one another, along with several other drs. If I were to ever need kyphoplasty or vertebrolplasty, the neuro would have to diagnose it then order the procedure to be done by their radiologist. This surgeon has warned me over an over again to watch for fractures and to contact him immediately if something should happen, but I'm not the type to go around thinking about this constantly, and because I have constant pain in my back anyway it makes it real difficult to determine if there is a new problem or just my old ones flaring up that I have to live with:mad:

I also have another problem going on with my lower back, which would also require this neuro surgeon as well. I have a small tissue mass growing near my spine, and am hoping it can be removed because it hurts really bad. I had several tests done on it, and they say it's Not cancer, so that's a great relief, but it's killing me in addition to my neck problem and low back problems, making it really hard to sit, stand and walk for very long because those movements, for some reason, pull on that lump and it feels like someone is plunging a butcher knife into the lump. The only reason they even considered cancer with this growth was because my calcium level has been elevated which is a definite symptom of many different cancers, and sarcoidosis (sp) among other thinds. This lump is sitting right on my sciatic nerve and if it could be removed a neuro would have to do it since he has the most expertise in the area. I need this dr for this because it would be so easy to accidentally cut the nerve if done by an ortho or someone else. Whenever you have nerves involved with something you need a Neuro to do it to free up the nerve very carefully without causing further damage. Sorry my explanation went on so long :)

I'm glad your pain seems to be dissipating, but see the dr anyway just to be safe. As far as fractures go, there are compression fractures that don't hurt that bad, and others that are killers, so this would explain why someone might ignore it until it goes away which it can in several months, especially if they have intermittent back pain anyway which just about describes everyone I know. I hope you hear from someone with a vertebral fracture, but from all I've heard, and that's a lot, they can vary in intensity from minor pain that goes away, in several months, to severe pain that doesn't go away, it just depends on the severity of the fracture-like hair line fractures can be bearable. If you should ever start to get the problem I have with your posture, don't wait around to treat it even if it doesn't hurt. You know what the dowagers hump looks like right? That's the start of kyphosis and fractures which is what causes you spine to slump forward. It also causes problems with breathing because the spine is compressing the lungs and also in the lower back it feels like your abdominal organs are being pushed forward, causing a real bloated/stuffed feeling and gas, which I also have, in my lumbar area. So this dr needs to check out all these different things.

I must admit, I've never heard of an Endo or Osteo dr that could treat a fracture. They probably could diagnose it with test, but do nothing else since they aren't an ortho, neuro surgeons, or radiologist which do the different plasty surgeries with the cement or balloon and cement.

Good luck again and let us know.

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