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Can I get some feedback please ? A couple months ago I had a pth of 65 and high-normal calcium levels, as well as a positive sestamibi scan.

I saw a surgeon a month ago and he wanted to rule out familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia. He retested the blood calcium and pth levels.

Today I saw him and he said my pth is 28 and normal calcium. According to him the sestamibi scan was probably "false-positive". He wants to "wait and see", and says I have a mild hyperparathyroidism.

My head is spinning !! I broke a finger by hardly even banging it in March and just broke my arm a week ago (ladder). I have leg myopathies, elevated cpk, anxiety problems. I am crushed to find myself without a real diagnosis again (took years to get one).

If my parathyroid is ok, what showed up on the scan ? Can pth and calcium levels really bounce up and down like that ?

Also, the orthopedic doctor says there is something "abnormal" with my broken bone, "probably caused by the h/pthyism". It's making me nervous. Whereas according to tests, my bmd is "normal".

Please comment, thanks.

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