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I've now been taking Forteo for 11 months. My endo has his own DEXA scanner, so (since different DEXA machines are known to give different readings) I asked my primary care doc to order another another DEXA from the lab where I had my original DEXAs done. That one machine has now given me the following readings:

Jan. 2005 T = -2.2
Jan. 2006 T = -2.65 (Osteoporosis diagnosis)
Mar. 2006 began Forteo
Feb. 2007 T = -1.95

Jan. 2005 T = -1.67
Jan. 2006 T = -2.19
Mar. 2006 began Forteo
Feb. 2007 T = -1.58

In addition to the Forteo, the following alternative therapies were begun in 2006 and are still being used by me:
(a) vibration therapy (Soloflex WBV platform, 2 x 10 min. sessions per day)
(b) 100 g. natto eaten every other day (for vitamin K-2)
(c) xylitol chewing gum (Xylichew)
(d) shoulder weights (5 lb. total, worn approx. 2 hours per day)
(e) 1/8 tsp. baking soda dissolved in water (every 5 hours, every other day when fasting) (for alkaline and bicarbonate)

In the medication guide which comes with each month's Forteo, there are the results of some clinical trials, including one involving men who took Forteo for 10 months. In that trial, the men had an average spinal BMD increase of 5.9% and an average hip BMD increase of 1.2%. [B]During my 11 months on Forteo, my spinal BMD increased 12.3% and my hip BMD increased 11.7%.[/B]

With these substantial BMD gains, I am hopeful that after my 2 years of Forteo is completed, the alternative therapies (which I plan to continue) will enable me to preserve my BMD without resorting to bisphosphonates.
Wildflowers: I also have had heart problems with my electrical system (brief paroxysmal tachycardia), but I did not notice any increase from the Forteo. The side effects of Forteo which I did notice were:
(a) very slight dizzyness, but not enough to worry about;
(b) diarrhea, which seemed to be associated with injections on the left side of my abdomen, so I now only inject on the right side, and modify my diet as necessary;
(c) for the first few weeks of Forteo, I sometimes would experience throbbing in a leg when trying to get to sleep at night.
I consider these side effects minor compared to the potential benefit of stronger bones.

Taking an injection every day does not bother my skin, since there is a wide target area.

I felt I had to try a prescription medication, since I had previously tried the totally "natural route" in 2005 (calcium, Vitamin D, exercise), but my BMD had gotten worse. When my endo explained the options available to me (Forteo vs. bisphosphonates), Forteo was the obvious choice since it actually builds new bone.
Hi PikaB-Thank you so much for your helpful response. I will follow the links and look into the various methods you used. On the natto topic, I did find k2 (90mcg) natto extract at the health food store. Jarrow was the supplement co.
How much calcium and d did you take a day? Would you let us know type and amount? Did you also take trace minerals?
I see you are in the sunbelt, are you sunning yourself on a regular basis? I am up here in the sunless pacific northwest. I was just found to have a vitamin d defiency- my d level(25OH) was 48 in June, 36 in August and now 26.9. The bone specialist has prescribed drisdol a d prescription supplement. I have not picked it up yet. You take 50,000IU 2x a week for 3 weeks and then check d level in the blood. I am a bit concerned about the megadose, and it is vitamin d2 which I have read is not comparable to D3. If anyone has
taken drisdol I would be most interested.

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