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Hi Pika B WOW!!!!!! that is really impressive, how absolutely wonderful for you. I just came home from my doctors today and he suggested forteo for me, gave me alot of information, to be honest right now I have information overload and am somewhat in a quarry for a decision. My biggest concern is side effects, the info mentioned dizziness and fast heart beats, I do have heart problems especially with my electrical system, so I am planning on making a appt with my cardiologist to see if I can even entertain the thought of taking forteo. I do not believe I could tolerate dizziness, to me dizziness would be a deal breaker. Would you please respond to any side effects that you may have encountered over the months taking the forteo, or when you first started taking the medication. I told my doctor that I wanted to take the more natural approach to my osteoporosis and he said that forteo is exactly just that, the more natural way for your body to build bone. This may be a silly question, but I have been calculating the injections one per day and for two years 730 injections into my tummy or thigh, will my skin hold up considering my age 68. Would you be so kind to share the deciding factor you considered before your choice of forteo. Thank you for your good news, I cannot tell you how happy I am for you. Blessings!!!! Wildflowers
Wildflowers: I also have had heart problems with my electrical system (brief paroxysmal tachycardia), but I did not notice any increase from the Forteo. The side effects of Forteo which I did notice were:
(a) very slight dizzyness, but not enough to worry about;
(b) diarrhea, which seemed to be associated with injections on the left side of my abdomen, so I now only inject on the right side, and modify my diet as necessary;
(c) for the first few weeks of Forteo, I sometimes would experience throbbing in a leg when trying to get to sleep at night.
I consider these side effects minor compared to the potential benefit of stronger bones.

Taking an injection every day does not bother my skin, since there is a wide target area.

I felt I had to try a prescription medication, since I had previously tried the totally "natural route" in 2005 (calcium, Vitamin D, exercise), but my BMD had gotten worse. When my endo explained the options available to me (Forteo vs. bisphosphonates), Forteo was the obvious choice since it actually builds new bone.
Great news. Congratulations. I had about a .23 % increase in bone density in my spine after about 20 months on Forteo. I'm just finishing up my last pen this month. It will be kind of weird not to take the shot each night. I had no side effects at all from the Forteo except for maybe some twinges in my hip. Can't really say if they're from the Forteo or not.

I will see my endo next month and expect that he will put me on Actonel or Fosamax. I've never tried those drugs, so I don't know if I can tolerate them. I'm nervous about the jaw necrosis stuff, but my gynecologist said its a rare complication and to go off the drug a few months before undergoing invasive dental procedures. Ah well, nothing is easy. I'll have to think about where to go from here. Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on your great results.
Good Morning Pika B This is wildflowers, Thank you again for your wealth of information, it really does feel so unbelievably good to see one of us have fantastic results. Pika B if I should start on forteo and have side effects and have to discontinue, would I have to be eased off the medication slowly rather than to abruptly stop it? The reason I am so caught up in the dizziness aspect of the med, I suffer from positional vertigo from time to time and it is not fun..
Hi PikaB: That's fantastic news... Congrats!!! I also use the xylitol tooth paste and nasal spray but for different reasons as well as the bone effects. I hope you continue to see improvements in your bmd over the next 13 mos and can continue with your current exercise, diet, etc. :blob_fire Are you still doing the tai chi on the WBV? [B]Great News[/B]!!!!

WildFlowers: I also have heart probs, and the forteo has never had any detrimental effect on that. In the 10 months I've been taking it I only got dizzy a couple of times, and it never lasted for more than a minute or so. I also had to stop taking the forteo for a month, and no you don't have to be eased off of it. Eli Lily gives you the first pen free, so if you wanted to try it out, you could see how the side effects go and stop it if need be. Aside from the slight dizziness a couple of times the only other side effect I saw was some weight gain, but honestly I can't say for sure it's from the forteo:D The needle you use is so small I don't see how your skin would break down, my shots rarely leave even a mark, and I use my thighs. I like your drs explanation of forteo being natural, since forteo is genetically engineered parathyroid hormone (PTH), which our body makes anyway.

Osteoblast: Have you ever tried taking the forteo before bed, so it doesn't bother your meals or make you dizzy because you'll be lying down anyway?
Desert Bloom, thank you for sharing your experience regarding forteo, it's a bit puzzling to me that if bone density decreases after the first year of injections, why continue to the second year. If progress is made during the first year could I not just go on a hormone pill to save what I have accumulated. When I went to my doc and told him I would like to start out with the hormone pill first and if that didn't work go to forteo, he said the opposite would be the way to go. I would take forteo first and end up with a hormone pill. I know alot of folks are frightened of the hormone pill but considering some of the other toxic stuff out there I decided to choose the lesser evil. My doc smiled when I told him I was trying to decide my liver, my heart, my digestive system, my kidneys etc etc or my bones. What a great idea desert bloom, when and if I start forteo I would definitely do it at bedtime and if I get dizzy I just would not know it, and if it keeps me awake I would imagine sooner or later I would drift off to sleep, my imagination can run wild, especially when one is watching for side effects. Why desert bloom did they give me a jug for a 24 hour urine, what does that do? Does forteo stay in the blood system long and what is it made up of that watching our calcium is very important. I had a long list of questions and I asked alot but after I arrived home I thought, jeepers creepers there were so many more things that I wanted to know. My doc is giving me downtime to make a decision and I appreciated it so very much. The positive side is that I have no problem actually giving myself injections, I am just a bit nervous about what is in the syringe. My doc said small needle, small amout. oh well! enough ruminating already. Thanks a bunch. wildflowers

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