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[QUOTE=DesertBloom;2854700]Hi Thyme2b: Hey it's been a while... Please let me know what you find out about the hrt and forteo, since I'm not sure what to do. My problem is also having too many drs, plus they also change their minds which is really frustrating.

My dr. is a MD, PhD, MPH in Mineral Metabolism/Osteoporosis and works at an osteo research lab at Loma Linda Univ Hospital. Is that what you're asking?

I was recently checked for celiac, but haven't received the results yet.

Good Luck with dr Licata...

P.S. I'm feeling bad that I was the *one* that told you that my mineral met. dr originally said she had no problem with combining hrt and forteo, but now she has changed her mind so to speak if you want to look at it this way. Her final answer was it should theorectically diminish the forteo's benefits, and in the same breath, said it also *may not*, since it's a low dose, so who knows what to make of that!!! and there are no definitive test on combining the two. Good luck finding this out I'm really curious what dr Licata will say. This is an incredibly tough decision for me, since the hrt was helping some, but didn't relieve the night sweats completely, just some. I'm tired of having to dry my hair several times in the middle of the night and changing my clothes because after that it's really hard to go back to sleep. I desperately need sleep for so many reasons and also need the forteo to work since we can only take it for a short time. If you have any advice please let me know.[/QUOTE]Don't feel bad about this, because I also had a doctor who thought it was ok and thus prescribed it. In some ways it seems logical, since hormones are something we already have, at least the bioidentical ones are designed to be similar. I'll see what Dr. Licata says about it.

I'm going armed with a number of tests, including the NTx tests I've had done, the blood calcium levels, all my bone density tests going back some years and summarized in a spreadsheet, vitamin D levels. His office called me yesterday and left a message to ask if I had a bone density test. When I heard the message, I thought "Ha! You have no idea the number of tests I plan to bring!" I'm also going to bring a couple of the medical journal articles on gluten sensitivity and osteoporosis. I figure that there must be some genes for my family to have such a horrible history of it.

When you get the results of the serum gluten antigliadin, etc. tests, you may want to ask for a print out of the results. I've been reading a lot about this and have discovered that it's quite common to get a diagnosis of "no celiac" when in fact there is still a gluten sensitivity. That appears to be the case with me and only one of the blood measures is elevated, the IGa test, which they don't diagnose as celiac, but most likely indicates a gluten sensitivity/intolerance. My next step is to get the gene tests done, so I'm hoping that my insurance will agree to pay for it. I've discovered that the only lab that does all the genes for this is a particular lab and luckily they are nearby and take my insurance, but I still have to get those various authorizations.

FYI, there's a book called "Living Gluten Free for Dummies" that describes some of the testing and how the gluten sensitivity gets missed and what the tests means.

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