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[QUOTE=jeffrieshbp;2834126]My calcium serum reading was 10.2 (normal range is 8.5 to 10.6). My other doctor has told me to take Actonel once a week, and calcium supplements with Vitamin D twice a day. Is this going to raise my calcium, or is there a difference with what the lab reports says and the supplement??? I'm confused. Are these the same types of calciums?[/QUOTE]

Hi: Did your dr say your calcium is elevated? According to the figures you mention, you fall within the normal range. Statistically 5% of *healthly* people will fall outside the reference range anyway. Usually you only need to repeat tests, when the reading is above or below the reference range you mentioned to see if there is a problem. Your reading is at the high end of normal, but normal just the same. If you are worried about it you could repeat the test, but I would be really happy with a reading like that because mine is always above the reference range. Also remember that one test above or below the reference range (if you had one) is also nothing to worry about, until you check for health related problems and *lab errors* which are quite common.

I don't think actonel will raise your calcium level, it might lower it some, but not that much unless you already had a low calcium reading; Actonel's web site say's you can't take it if you have *low* blood calcium. You only need to worry about oral calcium if you reading was largely above the higher figure you mentioned, and even then there is conflicting research on this, so it would be up to your dr.

Good Luck...:wave:

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