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I just finished the full 24 months on Forteo, and had a new Dexa scan a couple days ago. My doctor called yesterday to tell me the results are really good and I met with him this afternoon and got copies of the results. I guess maybe I don't really understand the T-scores that well, because the results don't look all that great to me. Compared with two years ago, I went from a -4.6 to a -3.6 in the lumbar spine; a -1.8 to a -2.1 in the left femur (actually worse after Forteo); and a -2.6 to a -2.4 in the right femur. (Of course, the Z-scores are all better than this because they are age-matched.) The hip results are still in the osteopenia range so I'm not all that concerned. However, I was hoping for more in the spine, where I have scoliosis already and presumably more than normal risk of fractures. These new scores are better than the Dexa scan after 12 months on Forteo, which showed no improvement at all.

What percent increase did I actually get in the spine? Is it all that good? As I had expected, my doctor was still talking about trying to continue the Forteo a few more months, but I told him absolutely not. His next choice was Boniva, and I didn't want that either because of the jaw necrosis issue. I was on Fosamax for almost 8 years before I started the Forteo. Although my dentist has never seen any jaw bone problems on x-rays, I don't want to push my luck. We finally agreed that I would go on Evista (I also took that for a couple of years before), although he says it is not as effective as Fosamax or Boniva. The Evista also has its own set of side effects.

I'm 57 years old and have never had a broken bone. I use a treadmill 4 days a week, and lift weights 2 days a week without any limitations. I take 1800 mg. of calcium and 1000 IU of Vitamin D daily, as well as Vitamin K and a lot of other supplements. I also believe that a lot of this osteoporosis stuff is just myth and hype, as Gillian Sanson's book (The Myth of Osteoporosis) points out. Yet I'm still so scared about the osteoporosis that I am afraid to do without any medication at all!

Anyway, if someone could explain the spinal T-scores to me, I would appreciate it. :confused:

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