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Hi Rosegarden: Welcome, to the board:blob_fire I'll have to agree with turtlelady, I *rarely* even feel the injection and never bruise either, the needle is so small you can barely even see it (3/16th of an inch). I didn't have any luck with the other meds, plus forteo works better anyway. It's nothing like a regular injection unless you've had experience with these really small needles. There's no measuring, since it's premetered dose and takes about 5 seconds after you've primed the pen.

On the rat studies, you do know that they were given 3-60 times the human dose over the length of their lives, plus rats are predisposed to osteosarcoma anyway. Humans can only take it for 2 yrs and at a really small dose. I had positive results found through a 2 hr urine test (NTx; n-telopeptide) in 3 months after starting it. Forteo is the only drug, I hesitate using that word, that stimulates new bone growth, so I wouldn't hesitate using it. Forteo is man made PTH (parathyroid hormone) which your body makes anyway, so you aren't getting a foreign substances just more of what you make already. Of course that doesn't mean there aren't side effects, there can be, but I haven't had any problems and most of the people taking it don't either.

Quite a few of us are already dreading the end of our treatment, and I really can't explain that for others, but I've come to rely on it so much that it gives you a sad feeling around the time of stopping it or sooner. I've got about 13-14 more months of it, but it will be strange to let it go.

I never think about the cancer issue, since so many other things cause it more readily than forteo. The risk of osteosarcoma in humans is 1 in 250,000 and that is small considering many of the other cancer statistics. The figure I quoted is for people not taking forteo just osteosarcoma in general.

Does your Dr feel this will help the fracture? Of course it's up to you but if they think it would help I would definitely take it. I've had 7 spinal fusions as a result of fusion fractures and I would never want to go through one of those again.

Below is a link on forteo if you want to read it from the Cleveland Clinic, and maybe it will help you decide.


Good luck with your decision and treatment.:wave:

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