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Hi all,

I posted a while back regarding unexplained bone loss in my jaw. I was able to push my GP for a Dexa scan and referral to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologists also ordered additional bloodwork for PTH and Vitamin D. It turns out that my Dexa scores are normal ( T= -.7, Z=-.5), but my Vitamin D levels were completely out of range. My results were 18 and the normal range is 32-100. I am now on a 50,000IU of vitamin D/week for the next month. My endocrinologist mentioned osteomalacia. Is that what I have? It wasn't clear to me when we spoke if I had osteomalacia. I will e-mail her as well, but was wondering if anyone out there was also diagnosed with osteomalacia.
Hi Osteoblast,

In addition to the 50,000IU of Vitamin D my doctor prescribed, I am also taking 1,000mg of Calcium (Citracal) with another 1,000IU of Vitamin D. My doctor didn't see a problem with this since my D levels were so low already. I haven't experienced any symptoms of dry mouth yet. I am to have my Vit. D levels tested again in a month and then placed on a maintenance dose of 1000IU after. My calcium level was in the low normal range.

I am a little surpised that my vit D. levels are so low, but I guess I shouldn't be. I don't consume dairy products, and I am not in the sun very much. I think my doctor was also surprised that my Dexa scan came back normal. My mother and grandmother have osteoporosis, and I wasn't much of a milk drinker as a kid.

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