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Pingo Hi- The numbers are concerning. Were your initial dexa and second done on the same machine at the same place? I know from personal experience and have read that there is quite a bit of variance in readings from different machines. Also what is your dr's specialty?

I have been on Forteo for 5 and a half months. I too am concerned about what is happening. I am transitioning between dr's and my initial specialist is practically non -verbal so it's like pulling teeth to get info. But, I have had the 24 hour urine test done on 2 occasions. The first time the focus seemed to be on calcium ,sodium ,creatinine,and creatinine concentrate. The second time creatinine, creatinine concentrate and ntx telopeptide.Because of the lack of info delivered by the dr. I feel very uninformed. DesertBloom on this board has helped me alot , as well as various reading. In my very limited knowledge, it seems that the following are big parameters-
calcium(checked in blood and urine)
ntx telopeptide(generally through 24 hr urine )
vitamin D(checked in blood)
bone alkaline phosphatase (checked in blood)
So it's a mixed bag.
I don't know if this helps, but I tried to share what little I vaguely know.
[QUOTE=pingo;2863092]I just finished 12 months on Forteo and went in for my Dexa and doctor's appointment this morning, and was in total disbelief at my results. My spine stayed about the same (-4.5), my hip went from -2.7 to -3.4!!!!! I'm not sure how this happened so fast and my doctor didn't seem to want to talk about it much. He said that the Forteo sometimes shows results after 24 months, which I had heard of already. However, the rapid loss of hip bone is worrysome to me. Has anybody had this experience??? He said my labs were ok except except that my phophorus was elevated, but he said he was not worried about that (hmmm). I walk at least 30 minutes/day, do some resistance most days, have a fairly healthy diet/lifestyle, take my Ca, vit D and K, it's beyond my comprehension. But I guess for now I'll try to increase my weights (my joints hurt alot so I have to be careful), I may also switch my injections to night time and see if that helps.

I wish I could have had better news, and Im really glad some of you have had good results. I know some your are almost ready for your 24 month Dexa, and I will be thinking of you and hoping you have great increases!!

Question: I know that some of you have had a 24 hour urine test. Is that a routine thing that we should all have with osteo or Forteo?? thanks in advance.[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry to hear about your discouraging results. All I can tell you is that my doctor told me not to have a dexa before being on Forteo for at least 18 months because it would appear that the drug was not working. Something about the bone growing but not calcifying enough to show up on the scan. I also read in one of my books that the time of year when you have the test can affect the results. I think, after summer, when we've been exposed to more sun, our bones may be denser, so if you have the test at the end of the winter, they may show less density. Anyway, I decided to wait for the full two years after my first dexa so that I could have the second at the same time of year, and after being on Forteo for about 20 months. My results for the spine were very good, although not too much gain in the hips.

I hope you don't get too down about the results. You may just have had the test too soon. My doctor said you must take the daily calcium and he also put me on a Vitamin D supplement after one of my blood tests showed me to be deficient.

Best of luck to you.

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