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Hi Osteo... I'll try to answer your question, but remember I'm still trying to understand this myself and I haven't had much luck in the research of it either.

If you read the Cleveland Clinics paper on Forteo or Susan Ott's as well as the NIH, they all say that if you are taking Forteo and experience hypercalcemia, or an elevation in Ca, then you should decrease your Ca by 50%. Unfortunately they don't go any further to explain this, but that is the advice.

According to my Dr. if you have consistent elevated Ca, then you don't want to increase it by taking supplements. I realize some Dr's don't agree with this, but you could look at it like other mineral elevations/decreases, like if you have low D you supplement it orally to increase it, or the same with say high Potassium. My husband has elevated Potassium, and since that is very dangerous like hypercalcemia, they tell him he can't eat anything with Potassium in it (Bananas, tomatoes, etc) because it will elevate his count-life threatening. He has run into the same problem that I have where one Dr agrees with the logic and another doesn't. You can look at it like a supply and demand issue where you don't want to take too much or too little depending on what's causing it.

I don't know exactly what the mechanism is that your trying to regulate other than the way your body metabolizes Ca. Since we know Forteo can elevate Ca, then we need to watch that level. Lowering someones Ca intake makes more sense to me than stopping it altogether (like me). If you want to read the Cleveland Clinics advise on this click the link in the thread about "Forteo 24mos." if you haven't already read it. I'm going to throw this comment in, but don't quote me, since I'm not sure, but when you have elevated Ca you're pulling Ca from different sources into the blood and one of those is the bones; since bones need Ca, to grow, you wouldn't want to deplete the Ca or lower it in the bones and from the other organs that need it to exist, which is all major organs.

If I ever get a true definitive answer I'll let you know. My Dr has explained it to me, but I guess I'm just not getting it :confused: beyond what I've already mentioned.:wave:

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