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:wave: Good Morning Phyllis, "hitting the greenhouses" my favorite thing to do. During the winter I would at least one time a week, stroll through the greenhouses and soak up all the fragrance and beauty of the seasonal flowers. Now, I can go in with their doors wide open and have a feast for my eyes.

Switching topics from soy to Ezorb calcium, it is another treatment that seems to be recommended, however, my doctor didn't seem to know much about it. It makes claims for a significant difference in bone spurs, heel spurs, loss of bone mass, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, back and muscle pain. According to them they have set a world record on calcium absorption. Of course I was reading there testimonials on Yes, I think tomato juice is right, its best to get your calcium through food and not worry about looking for other alternatives that have not been totally proven either way. Soy? or Ezorb? I will hold out with waiting to hear from one of you that it has made a difference in your life, someway, somehow. It certainly would be a miracle to swallow something that could change all the above mentioned medical problems.
Just a little side note. Does anybody ever get tired of the reaction from folks when you mention you have osteoporosis? I don't go around telling everyone I have osteoporosis, however, during medical visits etc. the look I get sometimes is sympathy, not empathy, they seem to be afraid they will be witnessing me breaking my back in front of them. Could it be true that there is that much fear out there?
I am reading a wonderful book right now from the MAYO CLINIC ON OSTEOPOROSIS it is the best I have read so far in relation to explaining everything and I do mean everything. I keep alot of books on hand to remind me of little things I have a tendency to forget over time. again happy springtime to all of you. blessings wildflowers

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