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New to this particular board and have a question about my mom......
She has recently been having really bad pain in her chest and all around her ribs.....
We have been assuming that the pain in her rib area is coming from radiation that she had after having breast cancer.... And more recently she's been having very strong pains in her chest that go right through to her back.....they get worse when she lies down...
She's had her heart checked out and everything is fine there......
Her doctor thinks it may be coming from her osteoporosis or potentially her stomach (as she also suffers from reflux problems).
Has anyone ever had these kinds of pain? Would greatly appreciate some input.

Thanks, Carsam
Hi carsam: Has your mom had an x-ray or mri of the ribs? I'm not familiar with pain that would originate in that area from stomach probs, but I'm sure there are others here who are. Also, if they think it is osteoporosis related, have they checked for fractures of that portion of her spine or ribs? Thoracic/lumbar/rib fractures can cause chest pain, and breathing probs.

It's not unusual to have rib pain after cancer treatment, but they would have to do either an x-ray or imaging scan to see what's going on with her ribs, to make sure that nothing has spread.

Good luck finding out what's going on...:angel:

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