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Hmmm....interesting, and good information! I was worried about the temperature of my pen recently during my trip from Mi. to Az. The Lily travel bag (that I kept with me at all times) worked great! The ice in the frozen bags lasted for 10 sister had a little cooler that we simply inserted the entire bag into for the few hour drive from Phoenix. Funny, though, how the temp of that pen was so much on my mind during the entire drive!

My pharmacy sends a reminder letter a week before the 28 days are up. So far, I have noticed it being retrieved from a fridge when I pick it up. When I balked about paying 30-some dollars for the pack of needles needed to inject, the gal made a perscription for me just for them so I didn't have to pay for them. The Dr. mentioned a "support group" meeting for Forteo, but it is held during work hours, so I have not attended.

taape....thanks so much for "researching" this for us! Good info!.....p;)
Yesterday I got my Forteo script filled for the first time, as I've been using the free one from Lilly. I left the script there, went to Walmart, and when I came back, they had everything (I had gotten other scripts plus the needles and alcohol pads), ready and took out what I thought was a pack of 3 Forteo needles from the refrigerator. (My copay is less when a 3 month supply is ordered). I hurried home, and imagine my dismay when I saw only the one pen, although they'd billed for 3 ($80). I called them, and first they tried to tell me that the pen will hold a 37-day supply, so that they will get me another one, which would be for 74 days. But my copay was for 90 days. And anyhow, I told them the instructions are to discard any solution remaining after 28 days WHICH WAS ALSO ON THE TYPED INFO THAT THEY PUT WITH THE SCRIPT! Supposedly they'll have the other two tomorrow, but suppose I hadn't noticed that in the first place? Having been charged a 3 month copay, my insurance company wouldn't have allowed me any more for 2 months! It would've cost me at least $1200. And the pharmacy would've been $1200 ahead! Yes, you have to watch those folks like a hawk, and I hope they honor what they told me over the phone, too.

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