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This was one of my early concerns when I used Forteo. Would the pharmacy refrigerate it properly, not just when I went to pick it up but when they received it from their delivery truck. You really don't know how it was handled after leaving the factory. Eventually my insurance only paid for Caremark to deliver it to my door (in ice packs) which worked out fine rather than picking it up each time. I always took an ice chest in the car for the way home since it was 95-100 and figured it can't be out of the refrigerator in those temperatures.

Interestingly enough when I had to travel for work and before I figured out about using the cooler/icepacks from Caremark, my employer insisted that it was ok to travel with the pen in the Eli Lilly bag for up to 3 hours which didn't seem to me to keep it cold enough. When my employer contacted Eli Lilly to discuss what type of refirgeration I needed (yes, very invasive emlpoyer), the customer service for providers told them that the pen could be out in 70 degrees room temperature for up to 14 hours per pen and not go bad! I was totally shocked and even called Eli Lilly myself and pretended to be a medical provider. I was told the same thing more or less.

So if that's true and the pharmacy leaves the pen out for 5-10 minutes when your picking it up your probably ok. Your lucky that your local pharmacy even had extra pens, I would have to order 2 days in advance.
Many of us have had episodes of "warm Forteo paranoia", worrying that the Forteo has not been constantly refrigerated from the time it leaves Lilly to the time it is handed to us. (This is a particular concern where I live, because the temperature gets so hot during the summer.) Mostly, we just have to trust the system.

At first, I would never telephone (or use the web) to have my prescription renewed; I would go and ask for the renewal in person, and wait for it there, to be sure that it wasn't put in the bins with the other prescriptions awaiting pickup.

But now I do call for my renewal in advance, paying close attention to where the Forteo is coming from, and whether the box is cool. Every time, the pharmacy clerk will go to the bin, and find my empty envelope, which instructs her to go to the refrigerator to get the medication for me.

Of course, I always take my cold Lilly travel pack into the pharmacy with me, and immediately insert the Forteo as soon as I get it.
Hmmm....interesting, and good information! I was worried about the temperature of my pen recently during my trip from Mi. to Az. The Lily travel bag (that I kept with me at all times) worked great! The ice in the frozen bags lasted for 10 sister had a little cooler that we simply inserted the entire bag into for the few hour drive from Phoenix. Funny, though, how the temp of that pen was so much on my mind during the entire drive!

My pharmacy sends a reminder letter a week before the 28 days are up. So far, I have noticed it being retrieved from a fridge when I pick it up. When I balked about paying 30-some dollars for the pack of needles needed to inject, the gal made a perscription for me just for them so I didn't have to pay for them. The Dr. mentioned a "support group" meeting for Forteo, but it is held during work hours, so I have not attended.

taape....thanks so much for "researching" this for us! Good info!.....p;)

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