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hi desert (and all) - can i pick your brain(s) for a moment? this is kind of complicated, but i think i know what has been causing my troubles and i'd like your input.

i found ALL my symptoms under the disease - hyperparathyroidism - thirst, frequent urination, knee/joint pain, upper abdominal pain, weakness, fatigue. my vitamin d has been low 3 times when they have tested it. low d can cause secondary hyperparathyroidism. (the primary form is caused by tumors). i think i have the 2ndary form. i stopped taking fosamax after 10 years and thats when the extreme thirst began - i think it must have something to do with pth levels - fosamax suppresses calcium release from the bones which likely affects the level of pth, right? and now that i'm not taking it......???? wonder what's going on. wonder how taking the forteo is affecting stuff. my urine was often cloudy this past summer (not so much now) and thats when i was at my worst - so tired, so thirsty. so was i peeing out calcium and thats why the thirst? many times my urine tested pos for phosphates. I have noticed that i get very thirsty after eating foods high in phosphates. currently my urine has been clear, but sometimes i get bouts of frequency where i have to go like every hour - just bits.
bottom line: my gut tells me that all this is due to high pth, low vit d, calcium and phosphorous levels - somehow!!!!

some stats:
my calcium always comes back high normal - 9.9, 10
my d is currently 19, has been 18 and 17 on earlier tests last year
my one pth test last may was 32 - within range, but now i'm thinking it was maybe too high and not caught by my doctor - i read that if your calcium is high normal or normal that your pth should be near 0. but i suspect now that it was high cuz of the low d.

SO can i please ask you guys what you know about all this stuff? and what you think? i'd really like your help in putting all these clues together. anyone up to snuff on all this medical science? thanks immensely in advance!

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