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After reading this board and reading various sites on line I do refuse to take any pills my doctor recommended. So I went to a local health food/supplement store and purchased a bone increasing calcium product called Advacal. I have been reading what you all have said about Ezorb also and I may be open to that too, but for now I'll try this supplement. If you search it out you too can learn of its benefits. I only hope I'm doing the right thing. I have received my bone density results and I know I need help. I just don't want to take drugs that will cause my stomach any more problems than I already have. My mom (86) just came off Evista because of side effects and she's taken Fosamax, Acetonel, etc. and they just weren't sitting well in her either. So what are we supposed to do. It's just too bad that all of the medications that are supposedly good for our bones wreck another part of our body....especially our digestive tract. Has anyone been successful going the natural route? I had my first test a few weeks ago. I'm 59. I am sort of glad I put it off (sounds stupid but I'm being honest) because it saved me a few years of worry. I hate doctors - I hate medications as they all cause a problem one way or the other and I just wish there was something that would be a sure thing for us who need this type of drug to take, that wouldn't wreck havoc on us. Very sad!

Actenol is also a biophosphate, as is Fosomax; therefore, the same, or similar, side-effects accompany use of it.

Ezorb and Strontium are two alternative choices that do not carry the toxic side-effects of the biophosphates. The Myth book will also help you to put your health care into better perspective.

All the best.

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