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Apr 21, 2007
Hello group, how are you? :')

I am new here- have tried to reply to a few threads, but have not seen them posted yet (?)... Anyway...

I am 22 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine (-2.6) and hip (-2.5) in January. (It is assumed that this loss in bone density is due to my roughly 6 year battle with anorexia: lack of periods for at least 4 years of that time.) I have been working with a nutritionist and a physician, as well as a counselor, for some months now, and I truly feel that the ED is behind me- at last. NOW, I am TERRIFIED that I have been delivered from one struggle only to be destroyed by another. :( - What is the prognosis for people who get osteoporosis at this age?

I am seeing a specialist in my state (virginia) named Dr. Downs in July, and he is supposed to decide the best treatment for me... I am terrified of the biphosphonates- I really wish that I could afford to do forteo or get into a trial with denosumab, although... I suppose that I do not really know if either of these treatments would be good/"optimal" for me. What do you guys think?(What treatment options are, in your opinion, most recommendable for my age group?)

I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate ANYTHING that ANYONE might have to offer me in the way of personal advice and/or experience (I know that some here were diagnosed pretty "young in the game," too)... what your understanding is of the hope (if any) for young osteoporosis patients to maintain an independent existence late into life... (will I even live a long life with this?!- will the weakness of my bones shorten my potential lifespan?)

Sorry, guys- I am really feeling a lot of fear here. I am an aspiring Marine Biologist phD and S.C.U.B.A. diver- really thought that I would live a strong and active life... :(

Thank you for your time, everyone.

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