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[QUOTE=snowflake11;2987870]hi lucky - i always thought low vitamin d meant low calcium, so when my calcium was 9.8 and my vit d was 17 it seemed weird. i still don't understand, but i see that your calcium was highish like mine, and your d was very low too. can someone explain this conundrum? how can you absorb calicum if vit d is so low or does this mean that our bones are leeking and providing the blood calcium? all the websites i read say that if vit d is low, then calcium is low. so much of this confuses me. thanks.[/QUOTE]

I'd like to know the same thing too... Here's a twist. Since I produce kidney stones too (hense = calcium), is my body absorbing the calcium to the "WRONG" place, my kidney's instead? Maybe this is why the Endo doctor is making me do the 2 day urine test. My doctor told me it's to see what is truely absorbed per day...

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