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Hi cmorg: You're welcome:) If you were going to have your PTH, TSH, etc checked, they would have to be specifically ordered. I've had metabolic panels done, and I don't think any of those specific thyroid and parathyroid are included. A metabolic panel will give you a basic thyroid count, but not the rest.

Chances are the amenorhea/eating probs are at the root of the osteo, but whenever you are young with a low t-score the Drs usually like to rule out things like I mentioned above, or other bone disorders like osteomalacia, which comes from a prolonged low d level, or in climates with [U]very[/U] little sun.

Parathyroid glands regulate calcium, and phosphorous, and I wouldn't have known about my slightly elevated calcium or thyroid probs if I hadn't seen an Endo, and had various blood tests and scans. There are symptoms of thyroid probs, but to me they seem very innocuous, so I wouldn't have noticed anything in particular unless I had it checked, or unless it was severe. Your Endo will know what to run, but just in case ask for all thyroid, parathyroid and mineral tests.

If you get a chance to read the link from the Univ of WA, it's really good, and explains many aspects of osteoporosis and ...penia. It'll take some time to get through the whole link because there are so many embedded links, but it covers just about everything, in simple language.

In my case early meno and family history were probably the sole cause, but I didn't find out about it until I had 6 unexplained fractures. I took calcium, vits and minerals from a very young age and also exercised (very active in sports) but it still happened. I really don't worry about it that much at this point, I just try to stay on top of the research and do whatever is best for me. I love to read and learn so this has given me an opportunity to increase that, so I look at it as a positive in many ways, as weird as that may sound. I decided years ago to not worry about things I can't change, so I just do whatever I can to get better and improve my bmd, and overall health. Since you [U]can[/U] improve your bmd I work on that, but I don't worry about yesterday, tomorrow, or how things happen, [U]unless[/U] finding out how something occured will prevent problems later on, like checking for other causes of osteo than the usual, because they can be treated.

Well, that's my sermon for today:eek:

Good luck!!!

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