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Naturalman-Same dexa machine or not? As we are discussing on another thread dexa results on different machines can vary . This is accepted by the professionals as real and not just our conjecture.

Also your vitamin d is pretty low now -so is mine. I am on forteo ,calcium and vit d supplements. I take 2000 d a day. If all you are getting is the d in fosamax d you should probably talk to your dr. whether more d is called for to pull the d up. Some drs. do megadoses of d 50,000 2x a week for several weeks to increase the d stored in your body. Of course, there can be other things going on with your body where the dr. thinks more d is not called for or dangerous. I am being checked for celiac disease which might explain several things incl. low d and iron-because celiac disease causes poor absorption in the small intestines. So my dr. doesn't want to megadose d until we find out if the problem is malabsorption.

Have the drs ruled out various causes of osteo in your situation?
Yes, it was the same DEXA machine that I've been tested on since I was diagnosed. My Vitamin D levels had always been high until after I started using forteo; I take 2,000 iu a day. My dr. could not find the reason for my osteoporosis, and has indicated it's idiopathic, no known cause. I had all the blood tests to see if I had celiac, and they all came back negative. The dr. wanted to do a scope of my small intestines to make sure, but I didn't want that test for risk of scarring to the throat, I think the blood tests are sufficient. Thanks for your response. Rob

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