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Reclast = zolendronic acid
It is indeed another bisphosphonate.
Just a follow up. In researching Reclast, I found that it has now been approved in the US for treatement of people with Paget's. Novartis states it is being studied for treatement of osteoporosis.

For those interested, you may want to look at a Medical News Today article dated 4/23/07. There is information in the article comparing reclast with actonel. I know there are a number of people on this board thinking of following forteo with actonel. One point of interest was that they found treatment with actonel to start working 89 days after start of treatment. Reclast started working within 64 days. I wonder would this be the same for people with osteoporosis?

What does this mean for those of us on forteo---does it mean that our follow up drug does not take effect for approx. 3 months? If that is so , when is the best time to commence taking the follow up med-would it be before you complete forteo or would this diminish the effect of the forteo?

I am going to save the Medical News Today article and take it to my dr as I get closer to finishing forteo.

What do you others think about the implications of a lag period before actonel starts working and our desire to preserve forteo gains?
Hi Osteo: You're right about Reclast, it has been used for Pagets disease and also for hypercalcemia and cancer related fractures.

I don't know what the optimum timing would be to start your follow up with forteo, but I know that bisphosphonates (antiresorptives) blunt the effect of forteo, so they are not recommended while you're taking forteo. You could use the bisphos's after forteo, if you want, but I always thought it should start immediately after finishing forteo.

I hope we have more options in a year or so, it will make my decision a lot easier. Has anyone called Lily and asked about the continuation on forteo??? I haven't; my insurance is still telling me they won't pay for it beyond the 24 months.:wave:
The 89 day period for Actonel was in the Medical News Today article about reclast dated 4/23/07 . The beginning of the title is Reclast Receives U.S.

What has me concerned is that Taape, a poster on this board, lost all forteo gains and then some within 6 months of ending forteo when she didn't follow with a bisphosphonate. If it takes approx 3 months for actonel to kick in what have you lost over those 3 months- maybe alot if you look at Taape's situation.
Hi Osteo: I'm confused about something and thought maybe you could clear this up. I read the article you mentioned, and I thought they meant that people with Paget's disease responded to treatment after taking Actonel for 89 days as opposed to the Reclast group which responded in 64 days, making Reclast a better option.

Now my problem is I don't know much about Paget's disease, so can we say that the study meant the same thing for osteoporosis, or that they just saw improvements faster in Reclast than Actonel for Pagets? I don't know, maybe you do. I also don't know what they meant by "responded to treatment," couldn't this mean a number of things and not necessarily anything related to osteoporosis or how long it takes the drug to work? If they saw improvements in those number of days, does that have to mean the drug isn't working until then? My guess would be that it's working but measurable benefits weren't seen until 64 to 89 days for that disease. Maybe you can help me out here because I'm not getting it:eek:

If you look up Actonel from Proctor and Gambles pdf link, it states that bone marker increases were seen at 14 days after starting the drug for osteoporosis, so that would imply the drug is working in that time frame.

Thanks for any help!!!:wave:
DesertBloom-Yes, there is the Paget's /osteoporosis difference to contend with and what that could mean I don't know.

I like the questions you raised . Somehow the questions make me feel better about the possibility of something happening earlier than 89 days.

In going back to the article they made the point that Reclast "starts working "faster than Actonel for people with Paget's. Then they compare # of days before "response to treatment" and use the 89 days for Actonel v. 64 days Reclast . I guess that maybe it could be as you speculate that it would be measurable response to treatment. And, I do like the info that you found at the Procter and Gamble site regarding bone marker difference in 14 days on Actonel. Good research!

I would just like to know somehow that after forteo, we won't have the gains run out of us while waiting for the follow up treatment to start working. It does seem like the researchers are always busy in this field doesn't it? The results of these studies have already helped us.

I just took a look at studies being done with denosumab by Dr. Michael McClung. I got there by just putting in the dr's name and denosumab and doing a search. Well, in journal published studies he states that osteoclasts were inhibited within 72 hours of commencing treatment. He goes on at some length regarding the fast acting nature of denosumab. While this hasn't been approved yet, maybe it will turn out to be a good follow-up option.

With all the great people on this board , I have confidence that we will at least find some information to help us communicate with our drs. about the best approach after forteo.

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