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hi osteo,

i saw the new obgyn today for a 2nd opinion and he has refered me to 2 other doctors - a hematologist and a reproductive endocrinologist. he says he wants them to evaluate things before he can address the osteo issues because he says we need to "back up." i have a low white cell count which he wants to investigate as it could signal other reasons for the osteo such as autoimmune diseases. ????? so basically i got no further ahead here yet and have to go see these other guys first.

meanwhile, i get extremely thirsty after i take calcium (even if its just like 1/2 pill), and i always know that my next urine will be cloudy. just happened now. and i am thirsty as all heck.

my kidney doc isn't too concerned and doesn't seem to want to be involved in this - basically nobody is taking this seriously enough for me. i did read the website you suggested and i'm still all confused. maybe low vit d is causing pseudohyperpara? i doubt i have a tumor. maybe my low para was a morning fluke like taape said. or maybe low mag? maybe maybe maybe..........i dont know how much calcium to take or how much vit d or what to do!!!!!!!! i guess i just have to play it out and go see the 2 new docs and go with the flow. i guess i just won't take any calcium for now because i can't tolerate the thirst. argggg. part of me wants to bag the forteo too and go back to fosamax. or take no meds at all. i worry about the forteo because if my calcium is actually too low (i know the blood numbers look high, this new obgyn said the blood numbers could be upper normal because my bones are leeching it) - i worry that if calcium is actually low and i take forteo that the increased PTH is causing the bones to leech even more.

i'm all mixed up and worried about it all.
my wbc count was 1.7 and 2.1 when they tested it - normal is 4-11. so mine is very low. i see the hematologist on june 6th. i'm really not too worried, but i'm sure he'll run a bunch more tests. its probably just some mineral deficiency.

but the calcium thing bothers me - do you have excessive thirst? is your urine cloudy alot after you take calcium? the thirst is driving me insane. its not diabetes. i ended up in the hospital last year because i drank too much - they told me i was over hydrated - and get this - i was STILL wildly thirsty! i guess i'll ask the hema. if a low wbc can make you thirsty. but hyperpara can so i sort of suspect something going on there. gosh, who knows? all i do know is that i feel crummy.
you're so supportive - thank you. your kind words mean alot to me.

that's a good q about which came first - the thirst did predate the forteo. see, i was taking DOUBLE fosamax for about 8 years - yeah, one of my old docs put me on the single dose when it first came out. then after my first bone scan, he doubled it and i was just blindly taking double for years and years. UNTIL feb 2006 when i got some chest tightess and my gi told me to stop the fosamax. then 2 months later i started the forteo. in between there is when the extreme thirst started. i was told to stop the forteo when my blood calcium tested too high after the first month on it. so they put me back on fosamax - single dose. UNTIL - more gi probs in dec 2006 and they put me back on the forteo. i've been taking forteo steadily since jan 15th 2007. my calcium in that time has been high normal but never high. (my vit d is low) BUT throughout all this i have been thirsty as a sponge. sometimes it goes away for a few hours but always right back. and my urine is cloudy alot - seems after i take calcium pills which right now i am only taking 300mg - if i take any at all.

nobody seems to know why the thirst - i don't think its forteo related since it started before, but maybe it's due somehow to stopping fosamax. i know fosamax helps quell hyperparat. and reduce blood calcium. maybe i have fosamax withdrawal? but i called the company and they've not heard of any problems. or maybe its kidney? my kidney doctor doesn't think so - but is sitting back watching things. he tells me cloudy urine is not calcium. but i have a kidney stone...the gi doc found it on an ultrasound. i've never had one before. again the kidney guy is ignoring it.

no, autoimmune diseases don't run in my family. sur ehope its not that.

i feel ready to jump, but hearing from you definitely helped me. i will try to focus on good things and take care of myself to support my body healing. that was wonderful inspiration and advice. i will definitely keep posted here when i find out new stuff. thanks so much! :angel:

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