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snowflake- you may want to go search the net using the words -mayo hypoparathyroid. That will get you to a page where you then choose the mayo site. Perhaps reading that information will help you to formulate questions for your dr. or lead you to request more diagnostic work. It was indicated that low production of pth in hypoparathyroid will lead to reduced calcium levels in your bones and blood, and an increase in phosphorous and a decrease in magnesium. In the screening and diagnosis section it indicated blood is tested for pth, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium That a urine test may be done to see if an excess amount of calcium is being lost. Also when hypoparathyroid is diagnosed, treatment is supplements to normalize calcium and phosphorous. There is much more written in plain english not medicalese. Maybe taking or sending the information to your dr. along with a request for other tests would help get the information you want.There is interesting information in the treatment section about vitamin d and how it interacts with calcium . With your deficiency you may find it interesting ( I have a d deficiency as well).

I expect after you look at the info. , you will say but I don't have low blood calcium levels. That's the rub. There is generally something that doesn't fit , isn't that the way it is!

I too am on forteo. In my case the pth level is now 26 on a 12-65 range(was 35 on a test before starting forteo).And my serum calcium level is generally over past year ( both before and after forteo) high in range and slightly out of range-my supplemental calcium was then cut be a third. It looks like that helped the serum calcium go down a bit on last test. But of course, these numbers will always fluctuate. I am being watched for hypercalcemia and evolving hyperparathyroid. The treatment for hyperparathyroid involves a scalpel -I'd rather the less invasive treatment for hypoparathyroid involving supplements. Oh well.

Let me know what you think after checking out the info.
Snowflake- I have vitamin d deficiency ( it's being treated) and mostly in range high- at upper limit serum calcium. My urinary calcium was normal. I have been told to decrease cal supplementation by a third and I don't have recent lab tests back yet to see if this made a difference. I was told this scenario that I have may be evolving hyperpara, and the dr. will watch it.

Did you get your white blood cell count?

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