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... I went to a naturopath doctor and he told me to take 50,000 of D eventhough my levels were fine, in the mid range of normal, but my calcium levels were low. ... (22 replies)
... Your D levels are just like mine were earlier this year. Also your story on doses to get the d up is virtually identical to mine. Except I haven't fallen back. ... (27 replies)
50,000iu Vitamin D
Sep 14, 2009
... I took 50,000 units every two weeks for a year and did not experience any problems (2 replies)

50,000iu Vitamin D
Sep 15, 2009
... D2 is synthetic and can be toxic in large amounts. D 3 is generally considered a better choice. ... (2 replies)
... with another 1,000IU of Vitamin D. My doctor didn't see a problem with this since my D levels were so low already. I haven't experienced any symptoms of dry mouth yet. I am to have my Vit. ... (2 replies)
... check out the vitamindcouncil website about recommended doses of vitamin d. There are some very prominent doctors who think that the current daily recommended amount is totally inadequate. ... (5 replies)
... Do you have a vitamin D deficiency or something? ... (4 replies)
... My rheumitologist didn't even know there was a difference between the two vitamin D's. ... (4 replies)
... loss in my jaw. I was able to push my GP for a Dexa scan and referral to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologists also ordered additional bloodwork for PTH and Vitamin D. ... (2 replies)
... I am not sure how low your Vitamin D is. ... (2 replies)
... getting an achy tired feeling in my legs. My Dr. ran some blood tests and voila, my levels are low again. I think for some of us we just have problems absorbing Vitamin D. ... (27 replies)
... Trail Yes, I take 2,000 IU daily. I got this from my alternative doctor. He didn't mention an optimum level but it looks like the reference range on my test is 20-100 and mine is 41 (not 45 as stated before). I started at 22 and went to 41 in 4 months. Jodianne (8 replies)
... I didn't realize that you could get D3 in such large doses. I am on 50,000 IU weekly because my D level was falling down over the past year. It went from 50, to 40 six months later, and then six months later it was at 32.5. ... (8 replies)
... The last lab result showed that my D levels fell back to 23 and my endo now wants me to take the high dose supplements for two months. I'm not osteoporotic, but I'm losing bone in my jaw. ... (27 replies)
... The 50,000iu prescription med comes as a gel cap. It is hard on the stomach (because it is such a HUGE dose) but those side effects can be minimized by eating something then taking the pill and eating a bit more. This worked the best for me. I didnt lie down for a while after taking it either. I remained somewhat active, which aids in digestion, and this also helped minimize... (3 replies)
... I took 4 Citrical+D a day along with 50,000IU of Vit. D/week. My doctor was okay with it. (6 replies)
50,000iu Vitamin D
Sep 14, 2009
... Will this give you diarrhea for days and days and will it just go away or do I need to see my doctor? (2 replies)
Vitamin D
Apr 1, 2009
... I was put on 50,000iu daily(!) D3 by a not-too-swift physician at a time when I was on such high doses of pain meds that I was in no position to do my own homework. It was caught several months later by my new, very sharp bone metabolism doc. Could have killed me, but the only effect I noticed was that my urine had a peculiar odor. No apparent harm done. Good luck to you! (4 replies)
... Congratulations Lenormandista on finally getting the diagnosis nailed and having the surgery. I hope you feel better soon. I have the same symptoms as Mmee. I also have serum calcium @10.3, ionized [email protected] and PTH @27. My doctor says there is NO way I have hyperparathyroidism because my PTH is normal. He has put me on 50,000IU Vitamin D as my level has hovered in the... (71 replies)
... I take 50,000IU twice a month. I have been doing that for over a year. At first my doctor had me do it more and then he cut back. (3 replies)

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