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I'm sure you will do fine with the Forteo. I have just finished the two years and had no problems with it at all. Initially, I was a basket case at the thought of giving myself an injection, but it really isn't that bad. After a few times, it was a piece of cake. The needles are so small that you hardly feel it. I did take calcium supplements and still do and try to get as much exercise as I can. The only testing I had done while on Forteo was the full battery of tests at my annual physical and the annual dexa. I know that others have posted that they have had other tests done and I guess it probably depends on the doctor and if you have any other health issues that would necessitate additional tests. At any rate, taking Forteo did not have a great impact on my lifestyle. It was just something I did every day and then didn't worry about. Best of luck to you and happy gardening!

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