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I was diagnosed with osteopenia about 6 years ago. The physician put me on actonel which caused great pain in my feet. Due to the pain I quit taking actonel.

Subsequently, I had always suspected that my mother had osteoporosis because of her breaking bones and a humped upper back. Well, she was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis about 2 years ago. The physicians wanted her to try forteo...but after research and her subsequent recovery from breast cancer, she decided she did not want to go on forteo...the biggest reasons were because it is NOT A CURE and may have some cancer promoting qualities. I began to research medical journals, medical researchers - such as Aubrey Blumsohn, medical Web sites, and books.

My mother broke a rib by sitting on a counter at an elementary school party 2 years ago...just sitting and it cracked. Long story short she started taking strontium and has made a remarkable recovery...she has not had a dexa (dexa's are unreliable) but, she can now do the things she used to do without breaking a bone. 8+) She has raked quite a few leaves this spring and she is so happy not to be afraid. Mom has refused to take any calcium other than dietary calcium. She believes that she was close to getting another kidney stone again. The natural route is working wonderfully so far...she has her vit D, magnesium, and takes her strontium before bed.

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