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Hi all
Just got back from my doctor's visit and as promised, I will discuss my results. I hope this comes out clearly, because I am surprised at the results of my dexa. My first year on forteo, my spine improved from -4.2 to -3.7, even though my hips didn't change much from -3.0. I expected to have even more gains this year and I stayed the same. I have been feeling so much stronger, relatively little to no back pain and working out almost everyday. I asked my dr. why he thought I didn't improve any more and he didn't have any answers. I made no changes this year in anything, still taking mega vitamin D by prescription, my diuretic to get my body to absorb calcium, calcium citrate supplements(with D and Mag), a really good, healthy diet, weight bearing work with free weights and aerobic running etc. At this time, he told me to keep taking the forteo as long as my local pharmacy would renew it and to come back in 6 months. If I can't continue the forteo he said my only choice was Fosamax and that was it. I am not sure where to go from here-I really trust him and he has always been totally on top of figuring out what was going on with me, and if I hadn't gone to him right away after my first dexa, I don't think anyone else would have suspected my secondary factor of calcium malabsorption and fix it like he was able to do. Does anyone know if the results are better with the bisphosphonates after being on Forteo? All I keep reading is that the bones get weaker even though the density increases. I am wondering if that is because the bones were weakened and then the bisphos were taken and that if you started with stronger bone it would fill in the interior without weakening the bone itself. My dr. mentioned that you only get about 1-2 months max protection once you stop the forteo, so the clock is ticking for me to make a decision. I never took any bisphos, just started with forteo, so I am very apprehensive given all I hear on this board and elsewhere even though I know it works for some people as well. I just am so frustrated that I am doing all the right things and still not getting the results I so badly want! I am thinking about getting a second opinion and then making a decision based on that. If someone else came up with the same game plan as my dr. I guess I would have to stop there and make my mind up after that. Sorry to go on like this but I had to get it off my chest and where better to do that then on this board that has given me so much support and info over the last few years. I know many of you are finishing up your forteo and I think it is so important that we all share our plans with each other. Thanks for any ideas or feedback.

The forteo regimen is difficult,we put alot of hope into the project and also alot of effort with exercise. I have only been on the forteo now for about 8 months. I have noticed ,however, a transition in my thinking. I believe that I am trying to arrive at a balanced perspective in case down the line the bmd doesn't show the increase that others have seen. So, I don't know if this will be of any help to you but-this is how I look at it more and more:

1.Forteo is now the best thing out there so we are giving it a chance.

2. We are not pinning all hopes on forteo , we are looking at our general health, nutrition and also making life style changes that should truly help us in so many ways. With our very special support system on this board we are examining many aspects of bone health. We are looking at vitamin d , calcium and absorption issues. We have taken the time and effort to look at what supplements to take and look at what we eat. We are walking very seriously ( some 4-6 miles a day) , weight lifting, balance exercise etc. Many of us have made a promise to ourselves that we will continue with this through the years. We have probably made a stronger commitment to these life style changes because of what we are facing. Certainly these changes are helping us in so many many ways even if it doesn't show up in the bmd- there is also bone strength and balance that we are working on. We are getting stronger and we are probably affecting those around us to have healthier life styles.

3.Medical research is progressing. Who knows what there will be down the line? Osteo is so prevalent and the drug companies are highly motivated(financially) this could mean something good for us. Even if we have to take the bisphosphonates for some time , some are thinking that newer better drugs may be out soon. Some are really thinking that denosumab could be coming out within a year or two and that it would be a significant improvement. Time will tell. And, there are so many other things that we have read about and things we have not read about that may offer hope.

I can only speculate but I would think that you went to your recent dexa with a much stronger body than you had two years ago before forteo. It's a pity that that is not measured as well. You have done many things to improve your situation. To me the success is in the effort that you have brought to this project, our measure of success cannot be tied only to the bmd.

Don't lose hope now, continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep on keepin on. Continue to do all those good things that you are doing and know your osteo mates are doing the hard work day by day as you are. :)

I wish I could be of help to you regarding your next move. This is a difficult issue now because options seem so limited. I have read , however, that the gains with a bisphosphonate are increased if you have just finished the forteo. That there is some sort of additive effect. If you look at pub med at the NIH site you should be able to find this study. As Pika B says maybe there is a better option than fosomax, one with a shorter half life. Please let us know how you are doing and what you decide.

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