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Hi Kathy- I am a big baby too when it comes to shots. I am well into my first year on forteo and the injections are ok. I will be glad when giving myself a shot every night is over with. As far as learning to do it , after the first time it's ok. The needle doesn't really bother me at all. The needle is pretty small. It is just sometimes the forteo really burns when injected. That hurts but not for long and it's not everyday by any means. I also had alot of unpleasantness when I did the shot in the afternoon. My first doc did not suggest any particular time.The afternoon was bad because I felt dizzy and queasy after the shot. It totally took away my appetite, I had no interest in food until the next day before the shot. Many others on this board are doing the shot before bed , and suggested I try it. Now I do the shot right before bed and it's alot better.

If you are afraid of doing the injection and live with someone, ask them to give you moral support when you are doing the shot. It has helped me , also give yourself a positive message then. Try in some way to balance the fear out with something good.

Did your dr. do a comprehensive diagnostic work up to rule out other causes of osteo? Be sure that celiac is ruled out- it can cause malabsorption of calcium , vitamin d etc. thus not getting the supplements through your intestinal wall. Even though I had no symptoms of celiac , I learned you can have celiac and be free of symptoms. They can do a celiac blood panel and endoscopy if needed. Also it was learned that my vitamin d was low. Be sure this is monitored and that you don't go deficient as it can impair bone health.

If you want to ,feel free to share your age and dexa results. There are alot of very kind and helpful people on this board who have gone this path before you and who are more than willing to share.

About your class on friday. There is a little bit of prep before the shot. It's really not much and you will get a fold up poster kind of a sheet that has a photo of each step , and each step is numbered. I was told at my class, that blind people can easily handle the shots. And, think of the diabetics who have to do shots for life and sometimes many times a day. My pharmacist told me that she is diabetic and when she was pregnant she had to give herself several insulin shots a day. It could be more difficult.

About the weekend, if you need some support don't hesitate to communicate on the board! As I said , many here have gone through the injection jitters before you. In time, you will probably help out someone yourself. That's how it seems to go.

Welcome to the board!

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