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Doctor Visit
Jun 4, 2007
Well, fellow bone challenged, I had my annual osteoporosis visit with my endo today. This came after a year of going off Fosamax, deciding NOT to take Forteo and changing my life to get this whole treatment under control(see My osteo Story in another thread). .

I had quite a bit I wanted to tell her but knew she would only listen so much so I narrowed it down. After she told me my T-scores were slightly better (which I knew already), I told her why I went off the Fosamax. I related my distrust of the drug companies and why I feel my risk of fx is low. She listened politely and then told me she really feels the Fosamax did help me and that my scores would probably be worse if I had not taken it. I am basically where I started over 5 years ago with T scores.

But, when I told her that I felt my BMD was probably always low and until they start taking baseline tests for everyone at 30 years old, no one knows for sure if their bones are bad. Surprise...she agreed. She also said that BMD is not the only factor in bone strength!

She renewed my extra vitamin D which has improved my score from 18to50.
My Parathyroid is perfect, too. She now knows about the fear I felt from the diagnosis and how it practically choked me for almost 3 years. She also knows about the horrible neck and shoulder pain I experienced from The Fosamax which, will help her in her practice to know it's a side effect .

Even if my osteoporosis does get worse the risk of fx is just not enough to justify all the meds and shots for me. Again, we all have to assess our own problems and with the help of our doctors find the best treatment for us. Good luck to all.

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