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Hi Guys, I am Back
Jun 4, 2007
Hi, its been a while since I was here, so hello old friends.
I am just off the 18 months of Forteo, and back on Fosadvance. Waiting for my Dexa BMD scan July 13th, and hoping for a good score.
My endo has put me on Human Growth Hormone because my Pituitary levels were abnormally low, and probably have been for a number of years. My norm range should be about 265, and I was at 51. I inject every day, and have been for about 4 months. Some side effects, like 40% of my grey hair has gone back to black are nice side effects. They say if I am on it for a year people who have not seen you in that year will swear you are 10 years younger. The movie stars take it. Its not cheap, 2,600.00 a month.
I am also on a Testosterone suppliment to boost it to about the same as a 25 year olds.
The HGH dosage has been slowly increased after each 2 month period of blood work. I think we are now at maximum, as my blood IGF-1 is now near where it should be for my age. I was hoping he would boost it to a 25 year old's, maybe I can talk him into it based on my Dexa.
I have been a kidney stone producer all my life, but while on the Forteo have had 4 surgeries, and 1 Lithotripter, and have another Litho for tomorrow.
I have passed my Urologist record of largest stone natually passed, 9.2mm x 4.6mm he has it in his office.
The ones getting blasted tomorrow are small 6mm, and 8mm, and I have another 4 ot 5 still loaded ready to go deeper in the poles.
I am leaving for Greece June 20th, so we are trying to blast as many as we can before I go.
My stones have always been calcium oxcylate going way back to 1981, so this is not new, just aggrivated with the Forteo.
The Foreto brought them out I would say double the amount as usual. We checked my blood, and urine calcium regularly, and actually had to decrease my calcium suppliment to 300mg a day. My blood was that loaded with calcium due to the forteo.
Now that I am off the forteo, I am back on 1,500 a day, and waiting for my first blood/urine to come back and see if its too much.
I will stop here as I think I have gathered too many thoughts into the thread.
Just a few questions for those of you who have come off Forteo. Since I re-started Fosadvance, my shoulders feel like someone has beat on me every night, and my entire backbone neck to tailbone hurts. Anyone else??
My latest MRI showed OstoThorosis in my sacriliac, along with my regular ostoarthritis throughout the spine.
Other than that, I feel great, looking forward to seeing my oldest son/grandkids in Greece. We are taking our oldest Canadian Grandaughter with us, she is 12 this week.
I will hike, swim, snorkle, and do as much as I can while away, just to keep in shape, of course.
And again, a big hello to my friends in Boneland:)

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