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Vitamin D, calcium and parathyroid hormones are interrelated. Low vitamin D and/or low calcium will drive your body to produce PTH. The MD cannot determine if you have parathyroid disease unless your vitamin D and calcium lievels are adequate. I think my endo said that your Vitamin D levels need to be >50 so that your parathyroid hormone level is not affected. I am having the same problems and just started megadosing with vitamin D (50,000 units 1 x month) on the first The megadose is in addition to 800 units daily. You need this to be under the supervision of your MD as it is possible to OD on vitamin D. If the megadosing is supervised yoou should not have a problem and it is the only way that your physician can determine what the deal is with the increased PTH. My endo said that it could take several months for things to straighten out.

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