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DesertBloom-I searched on forteo and weight loss. One article that turned up was "weight loss can mean bone loss" . The article talked about the importance of doing resistance training to build bone while losing weight. I am sure that you know that the muscle pulling on the bone stimulates the bone.

On this topic, are you lifting weights? It has been a very slow progression for me up to 6 pound handweights. I had to start with tomato paste cans(actually in one hand I had to start with cotton ball lifting) and go to a one pound weight and build from there slowly due to hand surgery awhile back. If you aren't doing this now , you could perhaps start with your docs go ahead with a very light handweight and move up very slowly. I don't do any move where I would bend over. I just keep back straight and put my legs at least shoulder width apart with some bending at knees. I have used a book " Bone Building, Body Shaping Workout" by Vedral. There are alot of moves in there though that both a dr. and phy. ther. told me don't do. I think that to you those moves would be quite obvious. At least 3/4 of the lifting , I do in a standing position. The other 1/4 laying on back or stomach. But, I think , with your docs ok, there could be alot to be gained in this area for you if you aren't doing something like this already. This would give you the muscle building that you said you were looking for and thus the bone building. Any little bit of muscle that seems to grow on me I am glad about for the reason that I am thinking the bone is building under there.

Also, this am when I went to the ASBMR site to try to check membership for someone in my area, I happened on a small article there about vibration and resistance training that was used to maintain bone mass in those confined to a bed. I am using the juvent vibration machine. Have you looked at this? If you haven't you can search on juvent. There are alot of published articles in highly respected prof. journals regarding the effect of this particular piece of equipment. It doesn't bother me but I wonder if you may exacerbate your pain with it. You might want to call their customer service line and find out if you could try the machine-check the return policy.Maybe some hospital in your area or therapist office has purchased the machine and you could try it somewhere. The co. rep should be able to respond to you on such a question. The machine is not cheap but the way I look at it, is that it is worth it to me to try to do all that I can while I can. I am worried about other costs down the line.The vibration is to me very gentle- nothing jarring about it at all. No more jarring to me than walking. But, I do feel a slight vibration when standing on it.If I touch my hips with the tip of my finger lightly- I can feel the vibration moving there. I can feel the vibration lightly in my jaw, I have to hold my teeth apart. Keep in mind I am talking about super light vibration.

I hope I haven't gone on too much for you with this stuff. You have helped me greatly in so many ways, and I would like to reciprocate in some way. I am hoping that maybe something I have tried might help you. I just wanted to sort of get it all out, lay it in front of you and see if there is anything that might interest you. Let me know what you think ! :) :) :)

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