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Hi Osteoblast

Thank you for welcoming me. O.I is a genetic disease in which I got from my father. He has O.I along with his brother and mother. Out of all his children I am the only one with this disease. I was also diagnosed with Osteopenia earlier this year. Iím in pain everyday from my ankles to my back and everything in-between. Iím also loosing my hearing which is part of O.I. these things scare me but I cant tell my friends and family that because they will be even more scared for me than they already are. I have only met my dad once about 4 years ago. When I have questions about new pains and concerns I try to get a hold of him but itís hard to do that so Iím kind of counting him out of the picture. I take bayer back and body when my pains get bad which is most days. I try exercising and eating right but sometimes I feel like exercising hurts me more. Can anyone recommend something that would be good and less stressful on my body? I was thinking of yoga or tai chi.
Hi Jess~~ Welcome... Just about everyone here has either osteopenia or porosis, do you have any specific questions, that we could help with?:)

I'm afraid I don't much about OI either, do you have a Dr that is treating you for both problems? Have you tried any other type of med for your pain like the anti imflammatory type (celebrex, motrin, advil)? Some people find that these can help. What does your Dr say, do they have any ideas for controlling the pain?

Usually osteopenia/porosis doesn't cause pain until you have a fracture so I'm guessing the pain is from the OI?

Do you have your t-score results? If so could you post those, that way we would have a better idea where your at on bone density.

Exercise is essential for osteopenia, but with your OI, I'm not sure if you have physical limitations or not. If not, walking is a good weight bearing exercise, and if you are able you could add weights to that. If you are interested in yoga/tai chi, that's good too.
Below is a good link on osteoporosis, and hopefully it can answer most of your questions.


I think there is a section on OI in the above link, so maybe that will help some. Have you tried you local library or the Internet for more info on it? Check out the section on vitamins, in the link, it will explain what you should take for your bones.

If you have any more questions don't hestitate to ask, someone is usually around.:wave:

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