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The nurse called this morning with the results of the DEXA after being off strontium for 30 days. I ask if any adjustments had been a made and she couldn't see any but it was noted that i was taking it. Since i have no way of knowing how accurate these scores even if the are half right there is still evidence of improvement and i'm a happy camper. She gave me the numbers over the phone but is mailiing the report to me. I'll keep taking the strontium and see what happens next year. take care...phyllis

May 2006...Left hip total... T score -1.9 Z score...-1.3
June 2007...t score...-1.7 z score...-1.0

5/2006 ... left femoral neck...t score -2.7 Z score... -1.8
6/2007 ... t score -2.5 Z score-1.5

5/06 Lumbar spine... T scaore -2.9 Z score...-1.9
6/07 T score -2.6 Z score -1.6

left hip 3.6% increase
lumbar spine 3.5 increase
Hi all..thanks for the good words, i must say i was pleansantly surprized when i heard the numbers. i'll post the BMD number when i get my copy of the report.

I started water aerobics this evening. Yep..still walking every morning and going the curves like place 4 times a week. I'm hoping the evening exercise will help me sleep better. I seem to be on the 11 to 3 plan, sometime i go back to sleep and sometimes i don't.

Every morning when we walk we stop at MCD for coffee...its our 2.5 mile break..hahaha. Have any of you tried the iced coffee? Its really good and for 130 calories you get a nice treat..we decided that that will be our Friday splurge.

Greentree...if you mention strontium to you dr. odds are he won't be familiar with it. Be armed with info about when you go.

take care...phyllis

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