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Hi Taape: The potential for lack of treatment is staggering in Medicare Part D, which is probably why there are so many complaints about it.

Then there are those who wouldn't think to ask for samples for whatever reason, and I'm sure there are a ton of reasons, but you need to speak up to get it. The problem is the stock has to be rotated in the drs office, so they really need to help out those patients on Part D with their supplies and others with different probs. The dr I get it from is the dr that rx's it, so she's the obvious person to ask for it. If she had turned me down for some reason, I would be forced to ask someone else for it since I can't pay the retail price.

Like I told Osteo, you are suppose to get a freebie at the start of treatment, so I don't know what happend with you two.

My pharmacist was pleasantly surprised when I went to get the syringes filled w/o the Forteo. He couldn't figure out why I needed the needles and not the pen. When I explained that I "had" to get free samples because of the donut hole he then understood, because the pens at the drs offices don't have needles to go with them.

The Pharmacist congratulated me on the freebies and said keep it up until I can get it covered again. And the way I feel is the dr has a responsibility to supply it to me, if they can, since they prescribed it; besides I "wouldn't be in the donut hole if it wasn't for the Forteo anyway." The way it works (MC Part D) is after [U]you[/U] and the [U]insurance co[/U] spend 2450.00 for the year your "in" the donut hole and you don't get back out of it until you and the insurance co spend 3850.00, after that the copay goes back into effect but at a 50% drop in price with the insurance we have. If I wasn't taking a 800.00 drug every mo I wouldn't be dealing with this baloney. 3 Forteo fills gets you into the donut hole!!! Not to mention all the other meds I have to get that aren't cheap.

Now my latest cafufal is that my pharmacy/grocery store has gone on strike, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get my meds filled. I suppose it will be a matter of transfering everything to some other pharm, but WHAT a hassle.:mad:

Even though Part D is a pain, it has saved us a lot of money, believe it or not :)

Hey, did the limbrel every help?? I hope so...:wave:
Whew! I realize how blessed I am for excellent insurance coverage! In fact, 20 years ago I left a 25 yr. career in the floral industry for the express reason to get good insurance for my (then) 9 yr. old daughter who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Though the career change was my only choice and very difficult for me, I know now it has benefitted me in many ways. The insurance I have is absolutely unprecedented.

I had a 2nd opinion before starting Forteo...and both Drs. agreed this is a drug I should be on. Most of the information I now understand of this drug has been gathered from this forum...and I thank you all for that! I was given a "travel kit" from the Dr. but no pen or needles...and no free meds. A video that came with the travel kit explained the procedure and helped take away my fear...although I was told about a "support group" that meets monthly. The last time I picked up Forteo...the pharmacist looked at me and said "there are only 4 other women in this county taking this medicine...and I was by far the youngest." (just turned 60 last week!)

I was shocked when I saw the price of Forteo...and wondered how those without good insurance can fare. (just under $700 here) The needles are included in my $20 co-pay, but not the alcohol wipes. It is fortunate for me that you are all here to discuss this!...............thanks much...Pam;)

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