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Re: Does it work?
Jun 24, 2007
it is true that there is a lot of hype about osteoporosis and pharmaceutical companies are getting rich selling dangerous drugs that artificially elevate our bmd that looks good on the dexa test which by the way is a very crude method of measuring bone density & it cannot measure the quality of bone,
I have had some falls which in theory should have resulted in a break,but didnt. however even normal xrays show my bones to be very thin and I have stress fractures ,curveture of the spine & dowagers hump so theres no denying that my bones are in need of help , naturally I want to preserve what there is.Im in Australia & strontium ranelate is available & being promoted as the new wonder drug to build bone but having researched it I find it also has side effects .. blood clots for one if its on prescription ..STAY AWAY FROM IT ..because the pharmaceutical companys cannot patent anything natural they have to change its molecular structure in the laboratory & what you end up with is far removed from the natural form. ...I will definately look into strontium citrate ..thanks againfor your help

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